7 nice ways to hide an air conditioner

Even if the manufacturers have really improved the aesthetics of their air conditioners, we must admit that, although they are essential, we don’t necessarily want to highlight them.

Fortunately, there are ways to conceal them to better integrate them into any decorating style. In the end, the idea is to disguise this equipment by taking advantage of its presence in order to rethink volumes and show creativity.

appartment air conditioner

Cover up your air conditioner at home.

In a library

One of the most original and clever ideas is to fit your air conditioner into a wall unit with shelves. A bookcase is therefore an ideal piece of furniture for this type of arrangement. This way, you can block access to some of the higher shelves in order to install your unit. The advantage is that you can completely conceal your air conditioner with a simple cladding in the same colour as the bookcase or an openwork partition effect.

By using the same materials as your furniture, the trompe-l’oeil effect will be successful and you will enjoy your air conditioner without it being visible. This solution can be very practical and simple to install. Its only drawback is that you will lose a little space to store your books. That said, if you are planning to make a custom-made piece of furniture, you can take this into account and design your unit according to your needs.


Thanks to an air-conditioning cover

Thanks to an air-conditioning cover, it is also possible to combine convenience with careful decoration. For example, you can find elegant structures to conceal appliances whose visible part is on the outside.

On a terrace or balcony, this type of design is all the more interesting as it fully participates in the harmony of a facade. Wood or metal are materials that lend themselves to the most contemporary and minimalist designs, the aim being to take advantage of them to create graphic effects that are pleasing to the eye.

Designers have been there. Contemporary air conditioner covers, such as those by Cache-Clim, are available, whose style is not only visually pleasing but also adds an extra cachet to the overall appearance. In the end, it’s all about thinking of your equipment as a “plus” that can be planted or transformed into something that looks as if it’s original.


Creating a customised layout

Everything is possible to achieve an aesthetic result. You will find numerous proposals for customised solutions, whether you are installing your air conditioning system or carrying out renovation work. Interior designers and decorators are committed to reconciling technique and style.

In the same way that you don’t want to see cables and wires permanently strewn across your floor, air conditioners can be fully integrated into the furniture. This option makes it possible to take functionality into account while ensuring that the decorative elements are not out of place. Cupboards or any type of furniture can thus be transformed into a receptacle for your air conditioner.

On the other hand, as the presence of a grid is essential for the air to circulate, either you will have to integrate it or you can choose the solution of leaving the door of your furniture open when the unit is in operation. As far as the external elements are concerned, custom-made fittings are also very popular. They can be easily integrated into all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. The advantage of this type of equipment is that it can be lost in the middle of other fittings while maintaining unity.


In a false ceiling

If you don’t want to lose precious wall space for an air conditioner, the choice of a false ceiling is an idea that deserves your full attention. The advantage of this alternative is, for example, to install your appliance in the same space as all your electrical networks.

You will thus avoid anarchic and impractical wiring. You can also play with the levels and create very attractive effects. The selection of visible elements, such as grids, can be an opportunity to create original graphic games. In a contemporary space, this type of design is particularly welcome and offers many possibilities.

As well a mezzanine can also be used by using the lower part of the mezzanine, which can also be fitted with a false ceiling. In a modern home, you can achieve a result that makes you forget the less glamorous aspects of your air conditioning. This solution can also become a decorative element in its own right, so it is worth looking at what can be done.


In an alcove

As with all the fittings in your living space, your air conditioner deserves to be installed wisely. You can therefore take the opportunity to rethink your space.

The creation of alcoves has a double advantage. Not only will you not have to worry about integrating your air conditioner into your home in a way that respects the character of your interior, but it can also become a highlight of your decor. Here again, the idea is to consider your room as a whole and to reconcile the technical elements with the need for architectural respect.

In a kitchen, for example, you can imagine a combination of all your appliances, making your air conditioner an asset that can be hidden away.


An air container as a decoration: yes possible.

Choose a tone-on-tone air conditioner

If the configuration of your flat or house does not allow you to carry out major work to hide unsightly elements as much as possible, it is entirely possible to opt for a coat of paint. You can then find the same colour as your walls or ceiling and cover the ventilation grids of your air conditioner.

This operation requires the use of a suitable paint that adheres directly to the plastic. You can also opt for the classic application of an undercoat designed for this type of material. The only recommendation is to be careful not to prevent your appliance from working properly. It is therefore essential to carry out meticulous work to avoid sticking the air-swirling fins.

Of course, if you are planning to purchase an air conditioner, you can take this aspect into consideration when you buy by choosing tone-on-tone material.


In a formwork

Finally, the solution of designing a formwork to cover your air-conditioning unit is quite relevant. This type of equipment will obviously have to be aesthetically pleasing, but it will also allow you to benefit from simplified installation. Here again, it is interesting to think about this arrangement in its entirety. You can then take advantage of it to play with the formwork volumes so that it fits into the structure of your room as well as possible.

This principle is simple and you will be able to create an air-conditioning cover which will also be decorative. Artfully concealing your equipment is therefore a way of bringing well-chosen architectural elements into your living space.

By choosing the same covering as your walls, the camouflage effect will be quite successful. You can also take the opportunity to rethink certain lighting points so that the light creates an atmosphere that makes you forget the presence of your air conditioner.


Hiding an air conditioner is possible thanks to clever suggestions. If it hasn’t been installed yet, you can get inspiration from ideas that decorators and interior designers love. In the case of old equipment, a bit of DIY will also allow you to create a suitable hiding place.