How to Cover Your Air Conditioner

Essentially, many people have a heat pump and air conditioning units at home which they place a lot of value on. The central air units guarantee homeowners quality and cool air in the hot summer resulting in a comfortable living space throughout the season.

However, when the cooler seasons come around, the AC – which is now not in use- begins to look like clutter in the home. At such times, it is not uncommon to find homeowners searching for solutions to cover the unit or make it less visible, both indoors and outdoors.

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Why Cover Your Air Conditioner?

Many homeowners do their best to keep their air conditioning working well throughout the year. However, there are seasons when they are not in use and need to be covered until the next summer season. In most cases, the AC is only covered at the top and part of the sides depending on its size.

It is advisable that the cover for the conditioner be constructed using materials that are breathable to avoid corrosion and rust due to trapped moisture. If you have been wondering whether to cover your AC or not, here are some good reasons to go ahead and do it.

• Covering the AC keeps its safe from extreme weather conditions, especially in the winter. Blizzards and hail storms can damage your unit because of the excess snow that accumulates in the machine. When the snow melts and freezes, it develops into ice glaciers that can cause damage to the coils. Keeping the unit covered even for a short time during such weather conditions goes a long way in ensuring it works for a long time.

• Rodents, branches, and debris can get into an AC that has been installed outside. Most times, they cause no harm to the unit when it is off but can become a problem when it is turned on. Also, the small animals can chew on the fans or wires in the unit, leaving damages that may not be reversible.

AC covers are important during the fall season because of the regular falling of leaves and seeds. When left uncovered, leaves fall into the unit, where they accumulate and begin to collect moisture. If not removed in time, the moisture can lead to corrosion of some parts of the unit.

• Placing a cover on your mobile air conditioning also makes it blend in with the surroundings in the home. Several types of covers are available to homeowners that want to hide their ACs. Whether you have a traditional or split air conditioning unit, you can get a cover that works well for your home.

Several Ways to Hide an Ugly AC

Air conditioners can be placed inside the home or installed as an outdoor unit. However, when idle, the central air units can seem out of place and may need to be hidden from view. Below is a list of options you can use to hide your unpleasant looking AC without compromising the overall look of the home.

1. Use Air Conditioning Covers

Some air conditioning covers are available for sale online and can be purchased in different sizes and designs. These covers make your AC become part of the interior décor if its installation was done inside in the home. You can pick stylish designs for the covers to upgrade the space even as you seek to cover the cooling unit. However, it is important to pick a design that allows air to flow when the AC is in use.

2. Use a Privacy Screen

Outdoor AC units can be an eye sore when they are not being used to cool the home. The best way to hide them is by using a privacy screen. The screen can resemble a door, picket fence, or shutter screen that covers the unit completely. The screen can have vines growing on it to blend in with the natural fauna of the outdoors. Also, you can use a mosaic screen that is made up of broken glass to enhance the appearance of the screen. Even so, it is advisable to use a screen that gives access to the technician when they want to do maintenance on the AC unit.

3. Convert into a Shelf

If your AC unit has been installed at the window, you can convert it into an area to showcase your potted plants. Build shelves around the unit and place colorful plants that will brighten up the room. You could even start a small kitchen garden on the shelves making the AC unit useful when not in use. If you prefer an elaborate piece of furniture in the area, you can work with a carpenter to add shelving that can be used for other items in the home.

4. Cover with Curtains

Putting up curtains right next to the window near the AC is a great way to hide it from view. The curtains can be bought or part of a DIY project and can complement the rest of the room. If you enjoy natural light, you can use shorter curtains that cover the unit but still enough light and breeze into the room. If the unit is away from a window, it can be covered by curtains when off and then opened when in use.

5. Paint the Air Conditioner

Painting AC units is an excellent solution for homeowners that want to hide them from view. It is advisable to choose a color that blends in well with the rest of the home, whether the unit is indoors or outdoors. Ensure that the paint work does not interfere with the workings of the appliance. When painting, you can get creative and have the AC look like part of the home.

Overall, covering air conditioners is a project that can be a lot of fun when done right. However, it is advisable to ensure that the air flow around the unit is not blocked and its operations are not impeded. Energy efficiency must be placed as a priority when hiding the cooling machine.