In which district to live in Antibes?

A seaside town nestled on the French Riviera; Antibes is a Provençal jewel that attracts an increasing number of newcomers. Its Jazz Festival, its sumptuous sandy beaches, its shops… are all good reasons to put down your luggage for good. But you still need to know which area is right for you.

Reasons to buy a property in Antibes

Discover the districts in the city of Antibes
Discover the districts in the city of Antibes

Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Antibes is the perfect destination for anyone wishing to live by the sea and enjoy a pleasant climate from January to December. As elsewhere on the French Riviera, winters are mild and the sun is shining nearly 300 days a year.

The 25 km of sandy beaches of the seaside town are complemented by secret coves which give the resort its special charm. Between pines and the sea, cultural places such as the Picasso Museum are part of the local heritage.

Nature, art and culture await you between the luxury villas, the handmade shops and the cafés with terraces which often offer a sea view. The charm of Provence is at work. Moreover, Antibes is located next to Cannes and Nice and Italy as well, which is multiplying the prospects for a getaway in your spare time.

Where to go buy a property?

Finding a villa or a flat in the best location in Antibes is not an easy thing. Whether you are planning to buy a property or you are considering a rental investment, it is important to prepare your project with great care.

In order to find a property, there is some things that you need to take into account. Indeed, you need to pay attention to the location, the surroundings, but also your budget and all the services. This is the reason why is it necessary to turn to a local estate agent. Not only he would know everything about real estate market in Antibes, but also, he could propose you custom offers.

Once you have found an agency, you need to look at its reputation and to get a first appointment. This would let you know of the quality of its services. We recommend Haussmann Real Estate for its experience and professionalism.

The districts where it is good to live in this city

Juan Les Pins

Juan Les Pins is, in a way, the lungs of the city. Indeed, this is the area of the city where everything happening, particularly during summer. The area has plenty of choice in terms of entertainment and activities to do in your leisure time. This is one of the things that appeal wealthy customers

For example, the Partouche casino is located in Juan les Pins. Moreover, people can relax on the top floor of the Garden Beach Hotel, a luxurious establishment with a sea view. Nature lovers will certainly find happiness at the Pinède, a green park with facilities for children.

Also, the annual Jazz Festival takes place in Juan in July. There is also an abundance of nightclubs and restaurants, perfect to have a good time!

The city centre

The city centre is way calmer than Juan les Pins. It is mainly appreciated for its historical charm. If you want to discover Antibes and, the Alpes Maritimes, from an authentic angle, this is the place to go.

The Provençal local market is a nugget for anyone looking for fresh and local products. Indeed, traditional dish are sold, an excellent way to help you discover the typical flavours of the region, but also to inspire you in your cuisine.

Furthermore, you will find many interesting museums in the city centre. One of them is the Picasso Museum. It is located just a few steps away from the museum of popular arts and traditions. If you want to go further into historical discoveries, don’t miss the archaeology museum.  Last but not least, there is the Gravette beach, which is bordered by medieval walls which add to the charm of the town centre.

Cap d’Antibes

It is in Cap d’Antibes that you will find the majority of luxury villas and properties. Top floor flats with a terrace overlooking the beach, villas surrounded by private wooded parks, 19th century bourgeois houses, the Cap d’Antibes real estate stock is a credit to its prestige.

The omnipresence of nature is also a major asset. Pines and eucalyptus trees are particularly numerous. It is common to hear the song of cicadas and birds while enjoying a breath of fresh air.

It should be noted that the price of real estate is quite high in this sector, which is considered to be one of the most luxurious in the city and in the Alpes Maritimes in general. Nevertheless, the purchase price is compensated by the living environment which will give you the impression of being on holiday all year round.

The Old Town

The Old Town fascinates with its 16th century ramparts, its ancient gates that link the city to its past and its resolutely modern yachts that come and go in the Vauban marina.

The Fort Carré is without a doubt one of the most beautiful historical jewels of the old town. Built to protect the town against the incursion of the Dukes of Savoy, it has undergone a refurbishment following the directives of Louis XIV. The defensive architecture contrasts with the abundance of vegetation all around the fort.

The Saint-Bernardin chapel, which also dates from the 16th century, is also part of the local heritage. Don’t hesitate to visit it to marvel at its artistically crafted ceiling, its altar decorated with acanthus leaves or the walls decorated with motifs that force admiration. The cobbled streets of the old town and the shops that abound there will also seduce you.

Antibes is a magnificent seaside resort where you can live the good life to ensure that your property purchase is a good one, consider your needs before selecting a property. In addition to the information provided above, consider getting advice from real estate professionals who will guide you wisely.