Why choose aluminium siding ?

Aluminium Siding

A strong material that is appreciated for its aesthetics, aluminium can be used to create elegant siding that is suitable for all styles of housing and all climates. If you are planning to renovate your facade, this insulating material has everything to please.

Aluminium siding: definition

Siding is a protective element that is fixed over a façade. It allows you to keep the original structure while giving it a new look. Aluminium cladding is installed on a frame fixed to the exterior walls. In the form of facings, it comes to cover the facade and constitutes a very powerful insulation.

This system of insulation by the outside is particularly adapted to the constructions subjected to strong bad weather, with a significant rate of sunning or under extreme temperatures. This eliminates the problems of revamping and renovating facades since the aluminium cladding is robust.

In order to offer an aesthetic that corresponds to all desires, aluminium siding can then be covered with a finish adapted to the style of the house. While aluminium siding is often associated with industrial and commercial buildings, it is increasingly seen as essential for single-family homes. It is a way to privilege a material with widely recognized qualities. Individuals can also take advantage of it in their homes.

Why choose aluminium siding?

Aluminium siding is an interesting solution to renovate an old house. It provides thermal insulation from the outside and avoids the loss of floor space. Moreover, it is an economical and efficient alternative to a classic renovation. It is indeed not necessary to carry out work on the existing frontage, the system of aluminium cladding coming in complement of the original structure.

It is therefore an efficient way to give your exterior walls an impeccable look while obtaining perfect insulation. This material is therefore popular for its many advantages.

Not only is this type of siding resistant to all thermal shocks, but it also lasts over time. It is particularly suitable for regions subject to sea spray or extreme temperature variations. Rain, frost, various abrasions, moss or solar rays: aluminium siding is designed to preserve its qualities in all circumstances

Aluminium insulation is easy to install

You don’t have to be a master builder to install aluminium siding yourself. However, if you call on the services of specialists, you can be sure that the work will be done with precision and without any unpleasant surprises. There are several structures you can turn to in order to undertake major renovation work. The advantage of this type of installation is that it does not require long work.

In addition to its speed of execution, the installation of aluminium siding is not messy, which is an obvious advantage. You don’t have to deal with all the inconvenience of a traditional renovation job. Unlike most insulating materials, aluminium siding is a solution that really simplifies the implementation of a building site.

From a practical point of view, since aluminium siding is installed on the outside, you don’t have to move your furniture during the work period, which is an advantage especially if it’s your main residence.

Moreover, the aluminium panels are cut according to the particularities of the house they cover. It is essential to take precise measurements in order to proceed with the cuts while respecting all the steps of the installation. In any case, it is rather easy to make a facade, the dimensions being adaptable.

In addition, aluminium cladding can be arranged horizontally or vertically depending on the desired effect or the specificities of the facade. It is fixed with rivets that are supported on the existing wall. All the particularities of the facade are thus respected and the aluminium cladding is a “plus” that is easy to install. It is an elegant cladding that reinforces the personality of a house while contributing to its comfort.

Aluminium cladding is aesthetically pleasing

Aluminium cladding is suitable for all types of architecture, as it can be finished according to your requirements. For example, there is a wide range of colours to choose from, so you can find the most appropriate shade for your facade project. The finishes can also take the form of all the classic textures. For example, you can choose a textured finish such as plaster or a wood texture.

These designs are particularly suitable for older homes where traditional materials are preferred. In the case of a very contemporary home, the appearance of aluminium siding can be smooth. The colours range from classic beige to red, charcoal grey or white. You can combine your taste with the installation of a cladding that will improve the aesthetics of your home.

It is of course possible to respect the architectural requirements of the region where your house is located. The façade of a house is its window. It is therefore important to take care of this part of the construction which gives the first impression. An aluminium siding offers an aesthetic rendering that is appreciated. And as its maintenance does not require a facade renovation, it is a choice that you can enjoy in the long term.

The interest is also to let your creativity speak for itself by opting for an aluminium siding. This material lends itself to all kinds of shaping and is an element of embellishment that it would be a shame to do without. The character of the houses is entirely preserved, the aluminium cladding being a decorative element as well as a functional one. In some cases, it even gives an attractive appearance to a building that has aged a little.

This alloy is a good insulator

Energy savings and the desire to limit our bills as much as possible is one of the main reasons to adopt aluminium siding. This material offers indeed a thermal protection of very first order.

If nowadays building standards are established in order to reduce heat loss as much as possible, or on the contrary, their action is too important, old houses are often far from respecting them. It is therefore important to find an insulation solution that has proven itself over many years. When you know that almost 50% of the energy loss occurs at the facade, you can see the essential role of a good thermal insulation from the outside.

This type of exterior work also offers the advantage of limiting the nuisance caused by a construction site to a minimum. You can preserve the interior decoration because the aluminium cladding requires only an external intervention.

The purpose of aluminium siding is to eliminate all heat loss. It adapts itself on the whole building whatever its configuration. You can thus give a second youth to your frontage while profiting from an optimal insulation. This type of cladding meets specific standards and is suitable for a wide variety of climates. It is therefore particularly interesting to give your house a quality exterior insulation. Technology is at the service of construction to offer innovative materials that transform the appearance of homes in a very effective way.

Your energy bill will be significantly reduced, which is not the least of the advantages that will make you choose this solution. Aluminium cladding is equally effective in all climates. It allows to fight effectively against thermal bridges and the effects of the cold as well as to preserve itself from the strong heats. Your house will thus gain in comfort in a very significant way.


Aluminium cladding combines aesthetic and insulating qualities that make it a preferred solution for upgrading a façade. During a new construction, it is also welcome and will cause you consequent savings during your work.